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Protecting and maintaining your gutter system is essential in order to prevent any complications arising to your property. Without doing so you could face issues such as, damages to your foundations, landscaping and exterior walls, which could ultimately lead to damp issues.
Another common problem you could find through the process of leaves and debris collecting in the gutter is when seeds and other weeds start to grow in the open pipe completely blocking all rain water. This will cause the water to overflow from the gutter, damaging the bricks and mortar on your external walls. This can allow damp to seep into the bricks resulting in damage to your household furnishings and paintwork.

How to prevent and clear blocked gutters:

The beginning of the winter is ideally the time when your gutters will need inspection, due to the autumn leaves and other debris that have collected in the gutter during the season. It is vital at this point that you have your gutters serviced, as at this time of year we experience very high rainfall during the winter months. Gutter clearing is usually required on an annual basis, this is the best way to prevent a full blockage from occurring.If you are worried your gutter system could be blocked or indeed is blocked it is always a good idea to seek a professional to come and fix this issue for you.

What will The Collins Handyman do to make this right for you?

  • We use the appropriate equipment and ladders to obtain access to your gutters to inspect the problem including checking your down pipes for any blockages. We will then start the process of removing all leaves, moss and weed growth.
  • Once cleared the gutters, soffits and fascia’s are then scrubbed, rinsed and cleaned using a high quality cleaning solution.
  • To prolong the process of having your gutters cleaned we can install a ‘gutter hedgehog’ which is a simple method of keeping gutters cleared of all leaves and foliage.

The Collins Handyman offers a competitively priced gutter clearing service, so please contact us now for a free no obligation quote at your convenience!!

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